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about HBO

Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) is recognized throughout the world as a leader in premium television programming services. Viewers everywhere turn to HBO for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, award-winning original productions and series, exclusive events and films from virtually every genre and category. Timeless classics, cutting edge film festival winners, top European and international hits and the biggest stars – HBO has them all.

In the US, where it launched in 1972, HBO is the premium television programming subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. and provides two 24-hour pay television services – HBO® and Cinemax® – to more than 41 million subscribers. These two services also offer the most popular subscription video on demand products in the US – HBO On Demand® and Cinemax On DemandSM as well as HBO GOSM, HD feeds, and multiplex channels. Building on its strong position in the US, Home Box Office, Inc. has become a major player in the expanding international market, bringing its renowned programming to worldwide audiences for nearly two decades.

By increasing global initiatives, HBO® has consolidated its identity and appeal through HBO branded networks, the launch of digital platforms including HBO On Demand® and HBO Mobile®, the licensing and distribution of HBO programming and DVD sales via HBO Home Entertainment®.

Internationally, HBO’s branded television networks, along with the subscription video on demand products HBO On Demand® and HBO Mobile®, bring HBO services to over 50 countries and reach over 37 million subscribers. In addition, there are approximately 2 million subscribers to HBO’s international subscription video on demand offerings and mobile services. Currently, HBO International has interests in HBO services in Latin America, Asia and Europe. HBO programming is sold into over 150 countries and video products are distributed in over 70 countries worldwide.

HBO Europe - owned by Home Box Office, Inc. – provides basic and premium channels to fifteen countries in the European region including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most recent addition being the Netherlands, in a joint venture with Ziggo, the leading Dutch cable provider.

HBO Europe offers five high quality movie channels (HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, Cinemax and Cinemax2); subscribers can also choose high definition channels (HBO HD, HBO2 HD, HBO3 HD, HBO Comedy HD, Cinemax HD and Cinemax2 HD).

HBO Europe also offers the latest on demand services with HBO On Demand, the subscription video-on-demand service, and HBO GO, the broadband subscription service that gives the subscriber unparalleled flexibility and program choice.

HBO Europe is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

welcome to HBO Europe

Since the beginning of operations we have continued to bring the best in premium television to this dynamic region.

Our mix of top Hollywood and international films, acclaimed series and award-winning original productions already reaches millions of subscribers across the region.

Exciting new channels, technical innovation and a dedication to customer service are also part of our success story. We lead the way in providing multiplexes, channels and services that are targeted to the region’s digital future, and we are pleased to be working with many regional distribution platforms in testing new technologies and services. HBO Comedy launched across the region as our first genre-based channel. We have also introduced a Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service, HBO On Demand.

HD versions of all HBO and Cinemax channels are now available, giving subscribers the opportunity to watch programs in high definition.

We have also launched the first broadband subscription video on demand service in the region, HBO GO.

We are proud to be making a significant economic contribution in the countries where we broadcast, employing hundreds of talented employees, including specialists in business, media and technical operations. We are also proud to have played the leading role in the evolution of premium television in central and eastern Europe, and we are confident that our greatest growth is still to come.

I would like to thank all of our customers, business partners and employees who contribute to the ongoing success of HBO Europe.

Linda Jensen, Chief Executive Officer - HBO Europe

our mission

At HBO Europe, our aim is to achieve excellence in everything we do, driven by the same strategic focus that defines HBO around the world.

We ensure that our channels offer top film and programming packages and we continue to develop new services to bring added value to subscribers and business partners.

HBO Europe: History

  • HBO Hungary launches, broadcasting high-quality, dubbed programming around the clock.
  • The Czech Republic becomes the second country in the region with its own HBO service, also with dubbed programming.
  • Launch of Spektrum, a Hungarian–language basic cable documentary service.
  • Poland gets its own HBO channel, with programming broadcast 24 hours a day and voiced-over in the Polish tradition.
  • HBO Romania is launched as the first pay-TV channel in Romania with local language subtitles.
  • The HBO service in Romania expands to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, where the majority of the population speak the Romanian language.
  • HBO establishes regional head office, HBO Europe, in Budapest, Hungary.
  • The Spektrum channel launches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with voice over.
  • Dedicated HBO channel for Bulgaria launches with programming subtitled in Bulgarian.
  • HBO2 begins broadcasting as a multiplex channel of HBO.
  • HBO manages the successful launch of AXN, Sony Pictures Television International’s action and adventure channel, in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.
  • HBO services expand into Slovenia and Croatia, with movies and TV series subtitled in local languages.
  • Broadcasting expands to 24 hours a day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • HBO Europe reaches more than one million subscribers across the region.
  • New premium movie channel, Cinemax, is launched by HBO in five countries across the region (Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria).
  • HBO extends its broadcasting to 24 hours a day in Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Cinemax2 launches in October.
  • HBO launches in Serbia and Montenegro.
  • HBO begins marketing and distributing new AXN spinoff channels, AXN Sci-fi and AXN Crime.
  • HBO Comedy, the first genre-based channel from HBO, begins broadcasting across the region.
  • HBO Digital, a subscription video on demand service, launches in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Broadcasting hours extend to 24 hours a day on HBO services in Adriatic countries Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia.
  • HBO HD launches, broadcasting blockbuster films and top series in high definition.
  • HBO CE sells Spektrum to Chello Media.
  • HBO Digital launches in Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Cinemax and Cinemax2 launch in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro.
  • HBO HD becomes available in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.
  • Cinemax HD launches in Poland.
  • HBO begins marketing and distributing AXN in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • HBO, HBO Comedy and HBO Digital launches in Macedonia.
  • HBO and HBO Comedy launches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • HBO Digital is renamed HBO ON DEMAND.
  • HBO GO launches in Poland.
  • HBO2 HD and HBO Comedy HD launch in Poland.
  • HBO GO launches in Romania, Hungary, Croatia,
    Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Cinemax2 HD launches in Poland.
  • HBO HD launches in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • HBO GO launches in the Czech Republic and Montenegro.
  • In the Netherlands, HBO and Ziggo BV, the country’s largest cable provider, created a 50/50 joint venture, HBO Nederland, which was successfully launched in February 2012, offering a bouquet of three channels, HBO, HBO2 HD and HBO3 HD, plus HBO On Demand and HBO GO.

technical operations

HBO Europe’s Technical & Operational facility, located in Budapest, has gone through considerable transformation in terms of technology and expansion since operations began in September 1991.

Today, the HBO Network Operations & Engineering team continues to find innovative ways to support and expand the HBO brand in new areas of technology and media convergence and also provides support to its affiliates, helping them to successfully meet their technical challenges.

HBO began satellite transmission and digital broadcasting in 1997. With the rapid growth and expansion of the HBO business since then, our technical facility and engineering expertise has developed dramatically, enabling new forms of media delivery and distribution, such as:

  • In addition to satellite delivery, HBO delivers its channels via secure international high quality digital leased private circuits.
  • The successful launch of HBO subscription video on demand and broadband SVOD services, giving subscribers HBO programming on demand.
  • HBO Europe launched high definition TV services, to coincide with the increasing level of digitalization and growing sales of flat panel televisions.
  • HBO Europe also provides broadcast services for third party broadcasters across Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The launch of HBO GO in December 2010 in Poland, rolling out across the region, offering existing HBO subscribers on demand access to programs via their home broadband connection.